Dagens Feelgood - I Wish I Knew

Sharlene Hector  - I Wish I knew

I give you Wishes:

I wish I could share all the love that's in my heart,
Remove all the bars that keep us apart.
I wish I could say all the things that I should say, Say em loud, say em clear,
For the whole round world to hear.

I wish I could give all I'm longing to give,
I wish I could live like I'm longing to live.
Well, I wish I could do all the things that I can do,
Though I'm way over due,
I'd be starting anew.

Well, I wish I could be like a bird in the sky,
How sweet it would be if I found out I could fly.
Well, I'd soar to the sun and look down at the sea,
And I'd sing 'cos I know, yeah, Yeah,
I'd sing 'cos I know, How it feels to be free.

Stay Beautifull Baby

/// Magnus Svensson 2011
\\\ Maz Studios - Om Flickan Själv får välja


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